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Do you maintain hearing people discuss Numerologist’ popular numerology record and also are considering getting it?

It appears fascinating, however you’re stressed it’s as well “woo charm” and also a total waste of money?

You’ve come to the appropriate area.

I’ve attempted both the cost-free video clip reading AND downloaded the paid report and today I will share my straightforward point of view so you will know without a doubt– was it worth it or not?

Let’s dive in!

numerologist evaluation

Table of Contents

What is numerology?

The Numerologist Website

The Numerology Report


What do you get with the Numerologist analysis?

What exactly is in the Numerologist Deluxe version?

What are individuals claiming regarding the Numerologist record?

Is the Numerologist reading worth the money?

Where can I obtain the numerology record?

What is numerology?

Numerology is the research of numbers in your life. It’s an ancient idea system stated to forecast your future as well as end result in connections, occupation, and other locations of your life.

Each letter in your name has a numeric value, as well as each number can be reduced to a single number.

The numerical worths in your name engage with the numbers from your date of birth. This can identify your capabilities as well as personality traits.

Numerology has been utilized for hundreds of years to search for the meaning of the fantastic planetary layout.

Is Numerologist the best location to get your numerology record? Allow’s go to their web site as well as examine.

The Numerologist Website


The site is neatly designed to take you on a walk to your psyche– by offering you a cost-free customized numerology record and a paid version of it that is over 60 web pages full of interesting realities regarding yourself, your life course, as well as your soul.

Allow’s take a look at the website first. You will discover that the team of Numerologist has produced a blog section that is being routinely updated– you will discover more than one topic in it.

If you look closely at their categories you will certainly see Tarot, Astrology, Divination, as well as a lot more interesting pieces.

There is absolutely something for everyone– it will certainly be worth saving a book mark if you ask me.

numerology blog

The platform offers you likewise a number of pieces of training based upon numerology, so if you want to obtain deeper expertise, ensure to drop in. Astrology, Divination, as well as several more fascinating topics if you look closely at their categories you will certainly see Tarot.

The group behind every one of that is diverse and also fairly huge — it includes qualified numerologists, power employees, spiritual teachers, as well as spirit guides– so it seems like the customized analysis would be of excellent value and high quality, composed of experienced contributors.

They additionally have a podcast that you can pay attention to. The “Numerologist” can be thought about a internet site with several functions, topics, as well as a wide neighborhood that you can connect with– and that to me makes them stick out.

I am fairly accustomed to numerology as well as I have actually calculated my Life Path number before (I’m number 3, let me understand your own in the comments!), yet I wanted to see what “Numerologist” needs to supply.

The Numerology Report

I determined to obtain their Deluxe version of the report, which is a over 60 pages long! They do have a cost-free variation that is much restricted, but still rather handy for each numerology enthusiast.

Let me start with reviewing the totally free version of the record

When you click the Personalized Numerology Reading web link, you’ll be moved to a entire new wonderful cosmos! Starting from the cosmic layout of the page to the enjoyable music Numerologist– the visual of the online numerology platform is amazing.

numerology record.

It is exceptionally very easy to collaborate with as well as user-friendly– all you need to do is to enter your own name as well as birth day and afterwards click “Explore your numerology graph”.

That would certainly start the complimentary video evaluation of your numerology graph. Prepare and also take a warm drink for a wonderful experience.

You can see the video with noise on, or speak up– it is entirely as much as you, as the video features captions. You can pause at any time to make note or harp on something.

Don’t worry– the info from this individualized report will be sent to you by mail– just ensure you add the correct one later on in the video clip. The system is rather interactive as well as will ask you for added details, yet absolutely nothing improper or concerning, I assure.

The evaluation starts by describing the core components of your report– the life course number, your birth number, your spirit urge, and your expression and character number.

Beginning with your life course number– it is taken into consideration in numerology as one of one of the most determining and also vital factors of life and also is calculated according to the date of birth.

Тhe expression number is the one that is accountable for your skills and capacities . Some likewise call it the Number of Destiny.

The platform will certainly compute it based upon your complete name– so see to it to use your birth name as well as not a nickname.

You obtain a visual and also talked explanation of what this number means as well as just how it was summarized by using the Pythagorean alphabet– indeed, it sounds very scientific and I assure you– it is!

Then Numerologist will ask you to enter your complete name again ( first and last name), together with your sex. As soon as you click on “continue with my reading” the system will certainly begin with the analysis of your Destiny number.

As soon as that is done, you will certainly step into the “Soul urge number” part of the video where you will certainly find out more about your spirit’s desires.

Next they will certainly ask you for your partnership standing– and interestingly enough if you remain in one, or married, or involved– it will even give you some insights concerning you and also your partner’s connection and also nature. It might even predict the variety of children you have!

At the end of the cost-free version of the record, you will certainly get an deal for the Deluxe version– as I stated it is over 60 pages, really comprehensive, as well as individualized.

In case you do not like it– “Numerologist” will certainly refund you, which was reassuring to see, as I do not actually depend on products like these which don’t have reimbursements.


Occasionally at the end of the free analysis, the web site supplies you 50% off for the deluxe version– you will not find that cost on the main web page, so if you are interested, make sure you seize it today.


What do you get with the Numerologist reading?

You get a personalized pamphlet concerning your entire life experience as well as spirit’s presents.

It might even be a little bit scary– the details you will receive will be so details and also to the point that you may start to ask yourself– what is this magic?

I can not begin to reveal the charm of the record’s design– as everything in Numerologist, the Deluxe chart evaluation is with a deep planetary theme that alters through the areas of the data. If you have the book of your life in your hands– or instead computer/smartphone, this alone makes you really feel as.

Exactly what remains in the Numerologist Deluxe version?

The premium variation of the record is divided into few areas and also I plan to make it through all of them promptly, but effectively, so you can choose for yourself if you want to buy it.

Yes, this can be thought about an financial investment as it is a personalized overview that you will go back to in times of uncertainty as well as problem.

The data starts with a individualized message to you– it includes your name and also birth information. You can definitely really feel that this has actually been specially produced you by the team as well as not just by using the exact same theme for all of their consumers.

Initially– the first 10 pages, you will certainly discover a in-depth area of what numerology is, exactly how can you utilize it in your everyday life, and all the benefits from it.

You can get a closer take a look at what methods were made use of and also just how developed is numerology science.

The next part is centered around your birth name. The group of professionals will certainly raise the curtain and also reveal the secret definitions of your everyday name, first, last and also middle names, and the magic behind all 3 of them together.

This part is specifically strange as we hardly ever consider our birth names as elements for our fate and also life path, however it shows up that it has a great impact on it.

Continuing with the Soul Urge Number, you will certainly get a brief explanation on just how to compute that number as well as what it really means.

Not just the record will outline what your soul desire number is, however you will get the full account of this number and also what difficulties you might deal with, having it in your life.

Prepare for some deep-diving in your soul requirements and also passions.

The following two areas are dedicated to the personal number and also to the expression number that you have.

The framework of the chapters is fairly comparable to the Soul Urge numbers– you have the formula for determining them, you have your very own number and the difficulties that go with it.

Minority phases that follow are quite substantial and are committed to the Life Path number.

As I currently pointed out, this is possibly one of the most impactful as well as crucial number for you in the numerology aspect.

With that said being claimed I recognize why the authors of the report committed so much time and effort to its analysis. In 20 pages the group covered everything that you need to know about the Life Path Number– how it was determined as well as why it is so crucial.

The difficulties for this number nonetheless are greater than a few– you obtain the minor ones and the significant ones– all nicely described as well as presented to you.

Right after the challenges, you stay right into the Life Path cycles– areas that are not available in the cost-free variation, but I consider them to be practical as well as rather interesting .

” The peaks– what are they specifically?” Once I hit the next component of the report, was the very first thing that popped into my mind.

After checking out the phase of the report committed to them, I imagined them in my mind as time factors, durations in which various chances are presented to me.

Certainly, they are really complexed as well as you would require to describe the Deluxe overview to learn more, yet it was definitely a totally new knowledge for me.

The report finishes off with the Achievement number– its specifics, just how to compute it, utilize it, as well as what it means for you.

I consider the Deluxe version of the numerological report very beneficial, extremely engaging, and also a page-turner.

I felt as if I read a really interesting novel where the major character is no one else however me.

During I had the feeling of having a conversation with someone, as the record is really very tailored as well as I can even call it intimate– the authors maintained referring to me by name.

What are people stating regarding the Numerologist report?

Individuals appear to have a similar feedback to me, stunned exactly how exact it was.

You can locate several video clip reviews on the web page:



There were additionally a handful of reviews on Trustpilot evaluations, which were not as favorable. A few individuals experienced technical problems:

numerologist review


Is the Numerologist reading worth the money?

In my opinion, anything that pushes you to discover on your own in a spiritual way and makes you reassess your life path deserves the rate. I was intrigued by the idea of having a report that is as details as it can obtain, and not simply one more global overview.

Mind that you are not simply getting guidance for the next year or so, you are getting an advanced, practically x-ray analysis of your destiny, your possibility, and also your soul.

The 60-page pamphlet is indeed made with a great deal of attention to detail and positive to check out– I really felt the magic flowing from each and every single page of it. I like the reality that the report is written by specialists, very scientifically, but at the same time– engaging as well as simple to digest by everybody.

I would certainly rejoice to examine the other alternative of personalized reports that the site supplies. I currently discussed that they offer a reimbursement in case you are not happy with the purchase, but I can assure you– if you are completely honest as well as take your time to check out the record you won’t be requesting one!

Where can I obtain the numerology record?

You can discover the free video clip record here. Later on, you will be forwarded to a sales web page where you can get the comprehensive Deluxe record.

What is your point of view about Numerologist and also what did your analysis say? Let me recognize in the remarks!

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