Conference Room Use Policy

The Hillsdale County Board of REALTORS® Conference Room is available free of charge for use by members of the Board for meetings of an educational or informational nature. The room must be reserved in advance and is reserved on a first come, first served basis.

To reserve the room, please call the Board Office at 517-439-1770.

Following is the contract and rules for use of the Conference Room:

This Contract is entered into by The Hillsdale County Board of REALTORS®
(hereinafter referred to as “contractor”), and (_)
(hereinafter referred to as “contractee”) for use of the Hillsdale County Board of REALTORS® Conference Room at 32 East Bacon Street, Hillsdale, Michigan for the following date and time:

Beginning time:
Ending time:
Approximate number of persons:

The following rules apply to use of the conference room:

1. Contractee agrees to pick up the key at the Board Office no more than 48 hours in advance of the use of the room (or as otherwise agreed upon by the Executive Officer).
2. Contractee agrees to return the key within 48 hours of the use of the room, (not including weekends if the use is on a Friday).
3. Contractor agrees to have the room clean and ready for use at the appointed time.
4. Contractee agrees to set up any needed equipment and take down same, immediately following conclusion of the event.
5. Contractee agrees to clean up and return the room to its original condition following its use.
6. Contractee agrees to reimburse the Board of REALTORS for any damages caused to the room during its use for contractee’s purposes.
7. Contractee agrees to exercise caution in the use of food and beverages in the conference room.

Contractee Signature
Contractor Signature