Lock Boxes

REALTOR® and Affiliate members of the Hillsdale County Board of REALTORS® may lease Supra Keys and Lock Boxes through the Board Office. Lock boxes are designed to hold the keys to listed homes and can be accessed only with Supra Keys leased to individual agents with special pin numbers. Keys are updated whenever the key passes within range of a cell phone tower. Supra key users also have easy internet access to showing information.

Additional information on becoming a Supra Lease Holder is provided in FAQ form below:

Q. What will the cost be?
A. There is a $15.00 monthly maintenance fee, billed quarterly.

Q. When and how will the automatic update take place?
A. Whenever a key passes in range of a cell phone tower.

Q. What if I forget to update my Key?
A. Listed below are 2 ways to get an update:

1. You can receive a temporary update code via the Internet by logging into www.supraekey.com
2. You can receive a temporary update code by calling the KIM Voice Server toll free, 24 hours a day, at 1-888-968-4032

Q. How do I keep my key charged?
A. Charge your key every few days, just as you do your cell phone.

Q. What if I leave the business or no longer need my Key?
A. You may terminate the lease at any time by returning the leased equipment to your Board office. There is no termination fee for the Active or eKey.